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Ferinject 10 mL (500 mg iron) and Ferinject 20 mL (1,000 mg iron) is listed on the PBS as a parenteral iron preparation.

Please review Product Information before prescribing. To have a copy of the Product Information sent to you, telephone 1800 642 865.

Minimum Product Information: Ferinject® (ferric carboxymaltose) solution for intravenous (IV) use. Indication: Treatment of iron deficiency in adults and adolescents ≥14 years when oral iron preparations are ineffective, cannot be used, or when there is a clinical need to deliver iron rapidly. Treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in children 1-13 years when oral iron preparations are ineffective or cannot be used. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients; anaemia not attributed to iron deficiency; evidence of iron overload or disturbances in utilisation of iron. Precautions: IV iron complexes are not clinically interchangeable; Parenteral iron preparations can cause hypersensitivity reactions – monitor patients for at least 30 minutes after each administration; paravenous leakage can lead to skin discolouration and irritation; hypophosphataemia and hypophosphataemic osteomalacia; hepatic impairment ; acute or chronic infections; iron overload; pregnancy category B3 treatment not recommended if <16 weeks gestation, monitor unborn baby; Not recommended in children < 14 years. Adverse effects: Common: headache, dizziness, hypertension, flushing, nausea, injection/infusion site reactions, hypophosphataemia, Uncommon: hypersensitivity. Rare: anaphylactoid reactions. Dosage: Dosage is calculated individually for each patient and must not be exceeded. Maximum single dose in Adults (1000 mg per week or ≤20mg iron/kg bodyweight) or Children (750 mg per week or ≤15mg iron/kg bodyweight). IV injection: 500mg-1000mg iron over 15 minutes, 200-500mg iron at 100mg iron/min. IV infusion: 500mg-1000mg iron over 15 minutes; 200mg-500mg iron over 6 minutes; 100mg-200mg iron over 3 minutes. Presentation: 2mL, 10mL, and 20mL vials containing 100mg, 500mg, and 1000mg of iron, respectively. Full prescribing information available on request from Vifor Pharma Pty Ltd, Melbourne. Medical Information: 1800 642 865 (Australia). ®Registered Trademark. MPI-2023-07-26.